Award Nomination form

Nomination Form for Business Awards 2018
Dwight Hall, Saturday February 2, 2019

You may nominate a business, including your own, in the appropriate category.  However the business must qualify for the award (number of years in business, number of employees, etc.) for the nomination to be considered a valid one. Please review the criteria.

A business must be established at least 12 months for it to be valid for any of the awards.
Three of the awards require your comments as to why they deserve the award.

You are not required to make a nomination for each category.
For each business you nominate please try to provide a contact person and phone number, so we can  congratulate them on their nomination.
We know most businesses in the community but there's always that "special" business that isn't as mainstream or exposed as most.
YOU know the business you are nominating, help us find them.