Business Awards Criteria

This is the criteria for you to consider when nominating a business or business person.

Businesses or persons can be nominated in more than one category. You can submit multiple forms BUT there is no need to nominate the SAME business in the SAME category more than once. These awards are not by popularity or quantity of ballots, we have an independent judging panel who review all submissions.

PLEASE REVIEW THIS CRITERIA before filling in the nomination form. 

A business must be established (operating to the public) for at least 12 months to be eligible for any of the awards.

Entrepreneur of the Year
A person who has organized and assumed the risk of a business locally which has been open for at least 12 months. An Entrepreneur is defined as a person who has the unique skills and exceptional initiative to establish a business venture.

Employer of the Year
A business owner or manager who creates a positive, fair and supportive environment for all employees, while maintaining and even exceeding employment standards and safety policies. This employer models integrity and excellent communication skills. 
(Nominations must be accompanied by your comments as to why this employer deserves this award)

Business Excellence of the Year - OUR TOP AWARD !
A business that has been in operation for more than 5 years and has consistently offered outstanding service and/or product to its customers and displays a strong commitment to community involvement. 
(Nominations for this award must be accompanied by your comments as to why you feel this business deserves this award) 

Small Business of the Year
A business with less than 20 employees that has demonstrated superior quality in all aspects of business operation.

Home-Based Business of the Year
A home-operated business that consistently shows excellence and quality in service and/or merchandise.

Customer Service of the Year
A business that provides its customers with a consistent excellence in service that goes beyond customer expectations. It also encourages its staff to meet the changing customer needs and stands behind its product or service with minimum customer inconvenience.

Employee of the Year  
An employee of a business who goes above and beyond customer expectations, delivers exceptional knowledge of the products and services and makes a consistent positive contribution to their workplace.(NOMINATIONS FOR THIS AWARD MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY YOUR COMMENTS AS TO WHY THIS EMPLOYEE DESERVES THIS AWARD) .

New Business of the Year
A business operating for more than 1 year and less than 2 years that has gained an expanding positive reputation

Agricultural Award       
This business has distinguished itself and shown leadership by promoting the betterment of agriculture in our city.  This award will be presented to any individual or agriculture-related business who has made outstanding contributions in the advancement of agriculture.

Tourism Award        
This business has demonstrated a superior ability to satisfy visitors expectations through their services and/or products.  This business provides and promotes an outstanding visitor experience and actively encourages the growth of Powell River & Area as a destination. 

Not-For-Profit Excellence Award​        
A not-for-profit organization that has recognized a need within our community and who through community responsibility, innovation, growth, sound business practices and community partnerships has served our community with vision and integrity.

Aboriginal Business of the Year         
This award goes to a business that is Aboriginal owned and operated in the Powell River region. The business shows leadership and dedication to the preservation of its cultural values and identity and creates positive growth within the community.

Forestry Sector Award​        
This business shows excellence and/or innovation in forestry, forest management or forest related industry.